February 13, 2020

What Does it Mean to Be GR8?

What does it mean to BE GR8?

The answer is different for everyone.  When I decided to create BE GR8 Brands it was around the idea that everyone has the capacity to BE GR8 in their own way!

In 2014 I watched my brother, at the age of 45, take his last breath on earth.  At that time I was very focused on my career, my family bubble and making a living.  In that moment of grief I realized much of what I was focused on what about me.

As I began to see the world differently, I wanted to reach more people.  Climbing the corporate ladder was no longer as important.  I loved leading my team at work but felt I had more opportunites to lead.  

In 2018 I became certified in the John Maxwell coaching program and began to create BE GR8 brands.  I wrote a childrens book, began working as a background actor in several different projects including Chicago Med, Utopia (amazon) and soon to be released, “Candy Man” film.  I didn’t know how to do any of those things.  It has taught me anyone has the capacity to BE GR8 and current limitations are often times self imposed.  Together, I want to help you find you own ways to BE GR8!