November 8, 2020

Purposeful Consumption

We are consumers.  There are reports on the Consumer Confidence Index (our confidence levels signal our spending habits) as well as the Consumer Price Index (cost of goods and services).  We consume everything from food to electronics to natural resources.

Consumption Habits

We all know that the fuel we take into our bodies in the form of food and nutrients has a direct correlation to our body’s performance.  The better foods we eat and the more junk we avoid, the faster we can run, swim or bike.

What about what we consume through our brains?  If the information we consume on a consistent basis is negative and disappointing how do you think that will affect your overall performance?  If, on the other hand, what you consume is positive and influential in a helpful matter it can increase your overall behavior and performance!

We are also creatures of habit.  Once we become accustomed to consuming negative information our tolerance for it increases and we consume more and more of it. Is there any doubt that the news cycle is a good example?  I used to watch the news every morning when I woke up.  What kind of headlines do we see?  What sells more advertising, positive or negative news?  

Mindful Consumption

Try starting your day with consuming information that is purposeful for you.  Read a few pages of your favorite book, call your favorite human being on the planet.  And similarly, your tolerance will increase, and you will be spending more time on positive fuel versus negative fuel.  

Be mindful of what you consume, not only in your nutritional diets but in your mental diet as well.  Remember change comes in excruciatingly small increments. BE GR8!