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Having served 25 years in the financial services industry as a financial advisor, in multiple field leader positions, and as a corporate executive, I have received coaching and mentoring from the best people in the business!  As a field leader in the industry I was tasked with serving advisors across all spectrums at the same time serving the needs of the firm.  In this capacity as coach and consultant, my attention is singularly focused ON YOU!

Financial Services

Who Needs It

  • Growing through Acquisition – If you are considering purchasing another practice, there are multiple steps to follow from identifying potential acquisition targets, preparing your own practice to absorb more clients, proper staffing, practice valuations.  We have relationships with several key people in the industry to help!


  • Considering a change?  In addition to directing coaching with me, we have partnerships with other firms to help you evaluate which firm may be a good fit for you and your clients. (Link to


  • Marketing and Branding – if you are considering creating or rebranding your business, we can help!  Let’s start with finding your Why, creating a mission and creating a brand identity that is unique in your marketplace.
  • CEO Level coaching for practice ownership – how to lead your practice to higher levels of performance.  This is direct coaching with me as we cover your personal performance and how it translates to your business.


  • Preparing for transition out of the industry and selling.  There are many things to consider from finding a successor to preparing your business to receive maximum value.


  • Implementing a client service model.  Are you running a call center or are you taking a proactive approach to servicing your business?
  • Identifying personnel needs, creating job descriptions and compensation models to attract talent to your business.

Running your business in the same manner you did in 1997?

If I have learned anything from our industry is if you are running your business in the same manner you did in 1997, there is a massive opportunity in front of you.  Let me help you find it! We can work with you in a coaching or consulting relationship!