Wellness Advocate

Congruence with mind & body.

Feel Good. Be Great.

Harmony and balance in mind and body.

The relationship we have with our physical bodies, how we look and feel, plays a crucial role in our inclinations toward achievement. However, our maxed out lives often lead to neglected physical health. Confidence, energy, and discipline are derivatives of a healthy life. They also happen to be essential to becoming a better CEO, employee, entrepreneur, etc. That’s why, along with being Executive Coach, I am also a wellness advocate. After all, the apex of true success is found when our minds and bodies excel in unison.

Nick LoPresti
Chicago Triathlon , 2019

Wellness Advocate

success through harmony

As a wellness advocate, I practice what I preach. Yes, you can achieve success without paying mind to your body, but the best success comes from congruence between our physical beings and our external world. In fact, I have clients who were able to increase their capacity for success through pairing executive coaching with good wellness practices. They became more confident, obtained greater energy, and ultimately became happier through prioritizing their physical well-being. If you are a CEO or entrepreneur who is looking for greater success or still struggling with contentment with the success you do have, you might need a wellness advocate in your corner.

Do you want to feel great? Let a wellness advocate guide you to success!

Wellness Partners

Working with the best in Chicagoland.

Looking to get started or maybe advance your fitness training? Need a nutritionist? Here are two wellness organizations committed to your health and well-being. These fitness centers have helped many BEGR8 clients achieve a whole new level of success.

Producing guaranteed results at any fitness level, through personal training, yoga, nutrition and meal delivery services.

A small group training studio for those dedicated to their physical fitness and passionate about a performance driven lifestyle.


Fuel for your body

Eating a nutrient rich diet provides us the essential vitamins and minerals needed to function at the highest level.

Give your body more of the good stuff through supplements. Taking organic daily supplements is a smart and effective way toward restoring the body.

Purchase high quality supplements to gain the largest benefit. I get my supplements at iShopPurium because of their commitment to quality and customer service.