From C-Suite Executives, to business owners and teams, growth is powerful & possible.

Be The Best

Enhance leadership skills and break through limitations with executive coaching in Chicago.

Financial Services

Give your business the structure and organization needed to perform at the top.

Leverage Skills

Leverage my experience and expertise in the financial industry to advance your business.


Looking for relief? Feel better, from your head to your heart - at work and at play.

Find Balance & Harmony

Find new coping skills and wellness practices that invite calm and balance.
John Maxwell Certified Coach, Financial Consultant, Disc® Certified Trainer, and Wellness Advocate

Meet Nick

With 23 years of experience in leadership in the financial services industry, Nick understands how to overcome hurdles to allow for growth. In fact, he’s led individuals, small groups, and large territories to do just that, grow. Recognized as a top performer, Nick became well-known for helping struggling organizations find ways to obtain greater levels of success. He now uses these expertise and experience to guide small businesses, c-suite executives, and teams to newfound heights. As a certified John Maxwell Coach, his approach to helping others is holistic, meaning he recognizes that all the parts of who we are is connected to our wholeness. 

Freedom To Grow

Financial Services

Having spent 23 years in the financial services industry I lend companies financial expertise to empower CEOS and companies to make big decisions with a positive, sustainable impact.

What can the most requested service of BEGR8 Brands provide you?

Propelling c-suite executives, small business owners, and teams to increase capacity, improve communication, and develop sustainable growth over time.

A Transformative Experience

Executive Coaching

People can change. They do change. In its most simplistic form, coaching is like holding a mirror to expose blind spots, then working together to craft a strategy to move forward. For many of us, we are so busy with the tasks at hand so we don’t have the time to hold that mirror to ourselves. That’s why hiring a certified coach to break through barriers and overcome self-limitations can be life changing, career changing, and ultimately worth it. From the DiSC® assessment to leading Masterminds, we tap into your best self.

Growth Through Conversation

Public Speaking

Through dynamic engagement and compelling conversation, one can be motivated and inspired, adults and children alike. As the author of the children’s book The Itch Nick brings fun and excitement to kids through tapping into their creative abilities. With professional adults, inspiration is developed and customized around the context of the event. From speaking at Lunch & Learns to serving as a Keynote speaker at corporate sponsored events, the aim is always to inspire greatness.


BE GR8 Kids

Our Clients

"I had the pleasure of experiencing Nick’s leadership skills when he served as District Manager of our local financial services office. He brought a unique enthusiasm that could motivate advisors of varying ages and years of experience. He excelled at creating a “team” atmosphere and instilled a sense of pride in knowing you were part of something great."

Moving Toward Greatness


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become a more effective leader

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach,  speaker, and wellness advocate. I offer customized presentations to fit your needs and budget.