Why Invest in a Coach?

Invest In Yourself

Most people do not consider investing in themselves as a potential solution to areas of life where they are struggling. At Be Gr8 Brands, we believe that looking inward is the best way to move forward. That’s why we believe making the decision to invest in a coach is the quickest way to find success.

Why Should You Invest In A Coach?

Working with a coach is one of the biggest investments you can make in yourself.  Just the act of considering a coach is something that most people will unfortunately never do.

When I Decided to Invest in a Coach

After doing my first Triathlon without any assistance I was as prepared as I could make myself on my own.  I was in excellent condition.  However, this was my first attempt swimming in Lake Michigan.  This was not like swimming a pool! I was second to last out of the water for my heat!

My next triathlon was 6 months away and so I hired a swim coach.  He was able to see things in my stroke that I was unaware.  My next Triathlon was in Miami, an ocean swim.  Still finished at the bottom of my group.

We continued to work on strength and stroke technique.  Finally my 3rd Triathlon, something strange happened. I started passing people in my heat.  Hearing my coach in my head telling me to keep my head down and focus on my stroke angle kept me motivated.  I finished in the top 25% of my group.

A great coach can see and hear things that we are too personally close to.  Coaches have the benefit of perspective, something that can be hard on our own.  Hiring a coach takes courage to open up and let someone else look and see what working and what can be looked at in a different way.