Executive Retreats


“Growth Inside Fuels Growth Outside”

-John Maxwell

One of the most significant predictors of business success is the personal performance of the individuals within it. Intuitively, we understand that strong individuals create stronger teams, but in practice, the idea is often treated as an afterthought.

Rarely do people come into an organization operating at their peak performance, and they’re unlikely to reach it without guidance. While investing in technology and infrastructure can seem like a streamlined  solution, it will never maximize a team like advancing the skills and resources of each individual. You must invest in your people – on an individual level – to realize the highest highs your company can reach.

Executive Retreats & Workshops offer a unique opportunity to fast-track growth and performance

Each retreat’s location, materials, and activities are thoughtfully selected to foster an environment of discovery, growth, and ambition with like-minded professionals. There are elements of traditional leadership training as well as guided personal evaluation, strategies, and actionable steps to increase capacity and performance indefinitely. Be Gr8 Executive Retreats are unique in the executive coaching space for also integrating health and wellness activities to increase every participants energy levels and individual engagement.

What’s Included

Strategy Sessions & Individual Worksheets

Catered Meals

Guided Group Workout

Tailored Accountability and Growth Planv

Retreat Overview

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