Executive Coaching

A New Perspective Is On The Horizon.

The Best of Who We Are

Positive change. Measurable outcomes.

At some point in life and work we are all faced with roadblocks or proactive opportunities. Through Executive Coaching, we identify sticky points along the way and sometimes uncover new ones. We meet these roadblocks with a course of action, a strategy to overcome obstacles. We develop coping skills to increase capacity. We enhance leadership skills. We find tools to build efficient and sustainable growth. Ultimately, we are met with a new perspective that provides an opportunity to realize the power within ourselves – the power to change and maximize our full potential.

Why Coaching?

A message from Nick

A coach can help you discover balance and capacity the likes of which you may never have imagined.  Take the opportunity to expand your horizons!  The biggest investment you can make is in yourself!

What people say:

"I had the fortunate experience of having Nick as my division manager early in my career. Through his coaching and guidance, I learned many skills and practices that helped me grow my business beyond my expectations. Many years later I still benefit from our time together and continue to rely on these practices with my new team as we grow together".

- Lori S, Pottsville, PA

Executive Coaching

For Individuals & teams

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, and certified DiSC®  trainer, I offer customized coaching programs to fit your individual or team’s needs, benefits package, and budget such as:

For Individuals

For Teams

What is the biggest investment you've made in yourself or team in 2022?

Gaining new perspective is powerful tool for self-discovery and vital to growth. If you are trying to obtain new goals or failed to meet last year’s goals, but aren’t quite sure how to get there, hiring an Executive coach is the answer.

How It Works?

Gain perspective & develop a strategy

Any coach, whether executive or otherwise, has the privilege of seeing your situation from an outside perspective.  Through active listening and collaboration, we can map a path to success.  But a warning, while a coach can help you draw up the play, we are each ultimately responsible for executing on that play.

The first meeting is about understanding your goals. Part goal assessment, listening, and asking questions, we’ll hone in on what it is you would like to achieve and start to devise a plan to get there.

A Mastermind is an 8-12 week guided reading for groups and teams held either weekly, bi-weekly, or quarerly. Readings are combined with worksheets and various light homework. Through thoughtful guided discussions, we will assess gaps and work toward building a stronger, happier unit with an increased capacity for success.