New Season, New You? No.

Brr, it’s getting cold out! Well…only if you live in a place with all 4 seasons. If you don’t, we all envy you and you have no excuses!! But keep reading.

Seasonal change is a very easy way to get off track with your health and fitness goals. The cold weather makes us want that “comfort food”. Something that warms our soul while we bundle up on the couch like potatoes. But potatoes can be sexy too. Have you ever seen a crisp, roasted potato? Yes. Sexy, and tasty. That’s you. Be a sexy, crisp potato. Not a dull, mashed potato. Okay, enough about potatoes.



Now is the time to experiment with new, healthy recipes with all the in season vegetables. Yes, there are so many nutritious foods in the fall and winter. Have you heard of soup season? We’re in it. What’s easier than throwing a bunch of healthy sh*t in a pot and adding broth? It almost sounds easier than grilling! Think about it…you really can’t mess up making soup. What’s in season? Glad you asked. Here are just a few foods you may want to keep an eye out for: apples, avocados, bell peppers, cabbage, grapefruits, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, and squash.



I know, it’s so easy to get less steps in. No one wants to walk anywhere because it’s cold. Unless of course you live by a beach, which again, no excuses! I promise, I understand. Even as a personal trainer I struggle to get myself moving outside of the gym during these months. I hate the cold and will never adjust to it, but now is the time to ditch the elevators and escalators.



Get on the treadmill. Whatever it is that you need to do to get yourself walking more, do it. I promise you, that extra 5 mins of walking will make a difference. It does for me. Not just physically, but mentally. But honestly… just bundle up, suck it up and get your ass outside.



Your goals in the summer should continue into the cold months. Remember what we talked about? It’s a lifestyle, not just a temporary hobby to piss off your ex. Keep pissing them off all year long, or just keep doing it for yourself because you’re more important. Just because you had a goal to look good in your bikini/swim trunks doesn’t mean you should throw it away because we’re bundled up now. Summer bodies are made in the Winter.

But it’s not all about aesthetics. We’re talking about mental health too, which is far more important. Winter blues are a real thing, so don’t let them take over and get the best of you. You’re better than that. Staying on track with all the goals you had in the summer will truly keep you out of the funk we all tend to get into in the cold months. Get your significant other, your best friend, or your family to join you on this journey. Keep yourself accountable. Turn it into a competition to spice things up! And hey, if you need someone to walk on the treadmill with you, Facetime me and we can do it together!


Written by Diana Gondek, ACE Certified Personal Trainer ASFA – Sports Nutritionist, NASM