Staying On Track

During the workweek, healthy eating and exercise routines are typically automatic, but when Friday rolls around, many of us have a tendency to let loose by drinking too much alcohol, overindulging in brunch or other restaurant meals, sleeping in, and skipping our workouts. This is more common when the weather is as hot as you are! Let’s keep you lookin’ hot with some of my top suggestions for staying on schedule during the weekend!

Most individuals find it quite simple to maintain a balanced diet and a regular exercise schedule throughout the weekday, but for some reason the weekends throw us for a loop. If you take all the weekend days in a month(counting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), it totals up to around 12 days, or nearly half of the month! Therefore, having time off on the weekends equates to taking time off literally 50% of the time, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be some place for indulgences and splurges, but it’s crucial to keep your health goals in mind when making decisions throughout the weekend.

  1. Stay focused and keep a routine
    Yes, I know. We like to relax and sleep in on weekends but even if you don’t always stick to the schedule perfectly, giving your weekends some structure can be really helpful. Maybe that means taking the same workout class every Saturday morning (at Club33 if you live in Chicago), or carving out a time on Sunday evening for meal prepping.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast
    Eat a balanced breakfast every day of the week—this is one of my favorite suggestions! A nutritious breakfast jump-starts your metabolism, assists in maintaining appetite control throughout the day, and lays the groundwork for the remainder of the day. This can mean you’re going to your favorite breakfast spot, and being smart about your food choices. And hey! You can get real crazy and even bike or walk there!
  3. Limit your alcohol intake
    On the weekends, a lot of individuals drink to unwind and mingle, especially in the Summer.What’s better than a cold drink on a rooftop? Not much if we’re being honest. And while the occasional drink is absolutely okay, it’s ideal to alternate drinks with water or another calorie-free beverage and avoid getting too drunk to care about what you put in your mouth.
  4. Be smart when dining out
    Be wise when eating out. If you go out to eat on the weekends, browse the restaurant’s menu online before you go so you can see what healthy options they have and make an order in advance. Skip the bread basket; start with a salad or soup; split your main course; or pack half of it to take home for another meal are other healthy suggestions.
  5. Moderation is key
    The secret is moderation; indulge in your favorite foods sometimes. If you really want a treat, eat it, enjoy it, and then move on. Deprivation often backfires, so don’t beat yourself up over enjoying something “bad”. The only thing bad is you! A badass crushing your goals that is 😉


Overall, keep striving for your health goals despite any setbacks. If you make a mistake over the weekend, don’t let it get you down or give you the idea that you should give up on this weekend and start over on Monday. Nope! Simply make sure that your next meal is healthy, then carry on with your day. In the end, I like to tell people to follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid.