Creating Healthy Habits | More of This, Less of That

While creating healthy habits, it’s important that you start opting for healthier choices. These choices don’t have to be grand because as you may have already heard, small changes get you mighty results. Let’s focus on a few simple things here; moving more, getting proper vitamin intake in, and eating more nutritious foods.

Creating Healthy Habits | More moving, less sitting:

It’s no secret that people tend to live sedentary lifestyles, and working from home has taken a toll on movement over the last few years. People forget that movement is medicine, and it’s what our bodies were built to do. It wreaks havoc on the body when that is taken away. This doesn’t mean go spend 2 hours in the gym. This means:

  • Go for a daily 30 min walk
  • Always take the stairs when that’s an option
  • Walk around your house/apartment while on a phone call
  • Bike instead of drive if possible

So, GET UP! Just move.

No one got a nice ass by sitting on it.

More sun time, less screen time:

If you haven’t heard it already, here it goes. Put down the phones and expose yourself to your daily recommended 15-30 minutes of natural Vitamin D (sunshine). Not only will this give you a mental break from whatever is stressing you out, getting your recommended Vitamin D intake will help maintain blood levels, boost mood, reduce stress, and it helps improve sleep! Now that it’s summer time, there is no excuse to not get out there and enjoy what mother nature is giving us.

It’s like we’re all house plants. We can’t grow and thrive without proper sunshine. Let your inner house plant grow!!

More fruit, less sugar:

You don’t need more processed sugar, you’re sweet enough. Stop reaching for processed foods that provide no nutrient density. Bring some fun into your life, and make your plate colorful. Your body and mind will thank you. Fruits provide so many vitamins and minerals that our bodies thrive off of.

Instead of grabbing candy or chocolate, try creating a fruit salad. Before you bite my head off, yes, I know, this isn’t the same as candy but once you start switching from sugary foods to natural foods your sugar cravings will surprisingly disappear.

My favorite combos are:

  • Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries
  • Watermelon and blueberries
  • Pineapple and mango

I like to get a little fancy and add lemon juice and chopped mint leaves to the mixture. Think of it as a salad dressing.

Here’s a little secret if you want a frozen treat. Buy these fruits frozen (or freeze them yourself), throw them in a blender, add a little water and you have yourself homemade fruit sorbet!

With all that being said, pack up your fruit salad and take yourself on a long, sunny walk! Start creating healthy habits, your body deserves it.

Written by Diana Gondek, ACE Certified Personal Trainer ASFA – Sports Nutritionist, NASM